Learn how to work with your own energy to transform your life.

Set up sessions that fit within your unique schedule. 

Each class is catered to what you want to learn and focuses on how you can use

these techniques to master your life right now.

Each Session Can Cover, But Is Not Limited To:

Creating Energetic Boundaries 

Having More Energy 

Releasing Stress

Transforming Your Relationships

Getting Your Life in Movement When You Are Feeling Stuck

Releasing What Is No Longer Serving You

Creating What You Want

Healing Yourself

Reprogramming Aspects of Your Life

Developing Your Own Psychic Abilities

P.S.  It is almost impossible to work with energy and not see changes in your life...

5 Private Learning Sessions Package


(Each session is 75 minutes)


1. One email or text chat per week outside of your session if you need some assistance with

processing the changes you are experiencing

2. Energy Check (a special Energy Reading) half way through your sessions on how your own awareness of energy and abilities is working for you in your life and helps clear out some of the energy that gets in the way of your awareness.

3. Recorded meditations to practice and integrate what you learned.

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