In this six week class you learn all the basic tools and techniques that prepare you for taking care of your own energy. 


These foundations are important for your energy awareness journey, learning how to take care of yourself in the face of how sensitive you are to the world around you. 

This is a missing piece in many workshops and classes that want to get right into the act of seeing and healing without learning how to connect to your own energy first. 


Essential information for you if you are interested in building your awareness, if you have clients or work with others, if you have family and friends, and if you are a human being living on this planet Earth! 


Being sensitive and picking up on the energy that is going on in front of you and around you can effect how you are feeling. 


It is important to learn how to take care of your energy so you can be in charge of your sensitive and psychic abilities and how you interact with the world around you.  


Topics covered are how to feel energetically safe, centering and protecting yourself, letting go of what is not serving you, adjusting your boundaries, getting your energy in movement, creating what you want, seeing energy (clairvoyance), grounding a space, where to invest your attention, and more!


      - Six Live 1.5 Hour Group Online Sessions (1 per week)

      - Life Long Access to Practice Meditations: remember and use the tools you learn


VIP - An Energy Check: An individual 60 min Energy Reading focused on the tools 

you learned in class, helpful tips, and how these techniques are specifically serving you in your life



Members of the class will determine which day and time the class will take place each week. 

Here are the three options.  Please choose 2 if you can and let me know.  

Wednesdays @10 am EST

Wednesdays @6:30 pm EST

Saturdays @10 am EST


"Tend to the garden of your soul."


OR you can make a Payment Plan by contacting Myan directly by email or phone

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