Energy Awareness


From a range of psychic healing, psychic meditation, seeing energy, and animal communication workshops and classes, you will learn about and cultivate the strengths and abilities you have within yourself.   The techniques you learn help you transform your every day life experiences and communicate within yourself and with the world in a way that empowers who you innately are.  

Life is magic.  And it's even more magical when you become aware of and use your own super powers.  Step into the world of energy, where anything is possible!   

Simple Tools For The Sensitive Soul




In this class you learn all the basic psychic tools and techniques that prepare you for working with your own energy.  These foundations are important for your psychic journey within as well as being psychic with others. 


This is a missing piece in many workshops and classes that want to get right into the act of seeing and healing without learning how to make your own energy safe first. 


This is essential not only for practitioners (working with people or animals), but also for every human being interested in building your awareness.  Being psychic, sensitive, and picking up on the energy that is going on in front of you and around you can effect how you are feeling.  It's important to learn how to take care of your energy so you can be in charge of your psychic abilities and how you interact with the world around you.  


Topics covered are how to feel energetically safe, centering yourself, protecting your energy, releasing what is not serving you, playing with your aura, getting your energy in movement when you are feeling stuck, creating and letting go, grounding a space, seeing energy, where you are investing your energy, etc.

"Tend to the garden of your soul."

BEGINS Tuesday JUNE 2nd

@7 pm EST

5 weeks, 7 pm - 8:15 pm


Classes coming up:





One-On-One Salons

Learn how to work with your own energy to transform your life.

Set up sessions that fit within your unique schedule. 

Each class is catered to what you want to learn and focuses on how you can use

these techniques to master your life right now.

Sessions teach you how to transform the way you feel, interact, create, manifest within yourself and

in your relationship with others and the world around you from a psychic perspective!

Each Session Can Cover, But Is Not Limited To:

Creating Energetic Boundaries 

Having More Energy For Your Every Day Life

Releasing Stress

Developing Your Own Psychic Abilities

Transforming Your Relationships

Getting Your Life in Movement When You Are Feeling Stuck

Creating What You Want

Healing Yourself

Reprogramming Aspects of Your Life

Changing Patterns

Working With Clients, Coworkers, etc.

P.S.  It is almost impossible to work with energy and not see changes in your life...

5 Private Learning Sessions Package


(Each session is 75 minutes)




1. One email or text chat per week outside of your session if you need some assistance with

processing the changes you are experiencing

2. Energy Check (a special Energy Reading) half way through or at the end of your package.  This special reading checks in to see how your abilities are working for you and helps you become aware of any energy getting between you and your own awareness.  

3. Recorded meditations to practice and integrate what you learned.

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