From a range of healing, meditation, seeing energy, and animal communication workshops and classes, you will learn and touch base with strengths and abilities you have within yourself.   The techniques you learn help you transform your every day life experiences and communicate within yourself and with the world in a way that empowers who you innately are.  

Life is magic.  And it's even more magical when you become aware of and use your own super powers.  Step into the world of energy, where anything is possible!   

Simple Tools For The Sensitive Soul


a Workshop

We all make invisible agreements when forming relationships. 


Just like when you sign a lease or create any legal document between two people or entities, an agreement is put in place.  Agreements say what you will and will not do, how you will show up and participate in a relationship, how you want to interact, what you are willing to give, what you would like to receive, etc.  Guidelines.  Boundaries. 


Some of the first agreements we form when we come into this life are with our parents.  But you have agreements with siblings, other family members, your family as a whole, the culture you were born into, your friends, your teachers, your coworkers, your clients, your employees, and even with your pets.  If you are in conflict in any of your relationships, what is going on in those agreements are a major root cause of this disturbance.  

Agreements are not set in stone.  They can shift and change over time and they can also be completely ended.  We mostly walk around being unconscious of our agreements, but we have the ability to be conscious creators in the agreements we make, and it all starts with energy.  

Just like tending to a garden, pulling out weeds, negotiating what plants stay and which must go, cutting back what is dry, and keeping what is still serving a purpose whether to eat or for just pure desire, you can tend to the energetic agreements you make with the people in your life.  


Get ready to transform your relationship to relationships!  Learn how to create and recreate spiritual agreements in this 2 hour Online Workshop!  

If you are interested in participating in a group class and have some friends or colleagues you want to take a class with, contact me and we can arrange a date.  At least four people must attend.


By Appointment Only.



If your schedule is difficult to plan around others, or you prefer to learn privately, you can take this class individually.  We will be covering the same topic, plus I will be helping you read some of the energy you might be getting stuck on.  90 minutes

By Appointment Only


One-On-One Salons

Learn how to work with your own energy to transform your life.

Set up sessions that fit within your unique schedule. 

Each class is catered to what you want to learn and focuses on how you can use

these techniques to master your life right now.

Sessions teach you how to transform the way you feel, interact, create, manifest within yourself and

in your relationship with others and the world around you from a psychic perspective!

Each Session Can Cover, But Is Not Limited To:

Creating Energetic Boundaries 

Having More Energy For Your Every Day Life

Releasing Stress

Developing Your Own Psychic Abilities

Transforming Your Relationships

Getting Your Life in Movement When You Are Feeling Stuck

Creating What You Want

Healing Yourself

Reprogramming Aspects of Your Life

Changing Patterns

Working With Clients, Coworkers, etc.

P.S.  It is almost impossible to work with energy and not see changes in your life...

5 Private Learning Sessions Package


(Each session is 75 minutes)




1. One email or text chat per week outside of your session if you need some assistance with

processing the changes you are experiencing

2. Energy Check (a special Energy Reading) half way through or at the end of your package.  This special reading checks in to see how your abilities are working for you and helps you become aware of any energy getting between you and your own awareness.  

3. Recorded meditations to practice and integrate what you learned.

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