Astral Body


When a huge shift is happening, it is time to get your dreams in alignment with what you want and who you are becoming.  When you go to sleep at night, a part of you, the dreamer, ventures off to heal and imagine new worlds.  Dreaming can be a very creative space.  But just like we build up energy in our bodies and in our every day lives, our dreams can get a little stuck too.  Let's clean the old energy off of you the dreamer so that part of you can bring in all the gifts imagined and created out there in the stars!   


Available May Thru June

Via Video Chat or Phone


What happens when we go to sleep?


The Astral Body is a part of your spirit that generally moves out of your body when you go to sleep.  When your spirit can get out of the density of the body it can be easier to explore and heal.  When you return, your body receives the healing and information you gathered.  When you wake up you might feel refreshed.  But if you are struggling in your dreams, you might wake up tired.  Or if you are having a difficult time sleeping (which means, you can't get that rest your body really needs), there is something blocking you from being able to get out for a little while and give your body a rest.