Myan has been very aware of energy since she was a child.   

Through meditation and healing, she was able to develop her abilities to be sensitive to the world around her in a way that was empowering. This journey lead her to become a healer, clairvoyant, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher. 


Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she went to college at the University of Wisconsin where she studied painting.  After traveling around the world, she became a teacher, working with adult refugees as an ESL instructor, teaching preschool, and working at a spiritual center teaching psychic development classes.  She continued to do her healing work while she studied art direction at the Miami Ad School.  

Through using her abilities with people, she discovered that working with other animals was equally as fun, helpful, and an important part of the healing ecosystem.  So... she not only works with humans, but works with their pets as well!  Myan teaches classes on all things psychic, including how to clean your energy, energy awareness, how to turn on your own abilities, how to heal yourself through working with your own energy, how to use your psychic abilities in your every day life, and also how to communicate with other animals.  


Passionate about creating energy awareness in the world, Myan has created a campaign called Clean Your Energy.  This campaign engages people in becoming more aware of their own energy and the energy around them.  "We do not always experience what is fully happening with just our basic five senses. There are aspects of life that exist in between the lines. Since we are not only working from a physical perspective, we need to be responsible for taking care of our energy as well as our body."  Find out more on the Clean Your Energy page.    

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